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The efficient, easy-to-use, and multilingual AAC app

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Co-created by AAC users, SLPs, and AI experts
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Evidence-based design for faster input
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The image shows two devices, an iPhone and an iPad, displaying the Flexspeak app interface. The app features a grid layout with multiple colored buttons organized into categories. The categories include "People," "Actions," "Describe," "Social," "Prepositions," and "Topics." Each button within the categories displays a word along with an icon representing that word. The iPad screen is in English, and the iPhone screen is in Vietnamese. The interface also includes navigation and control icons at the top of the screens.
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The image shows a language selection screen for an application. The title at the top reads "Choose your language(s)" with an icon representing multiple languages above it. Below, there are several buttons, each representing a different language. The languages displayed include:  Arabic Danish (Dansk) English French (Français) German (Deutsch) Hebrew Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) Japanese (日本語) Korean (한국어) Mandarin (CN) (简体中文) Mandarin (TW) (繁體中文) Nepali (नेपाली) Russian (Русский) Spanish (Español) Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt) Each button shows the name of the language in both English and the respective language script. At the bottom right, there is a button labeled "Select voices ->". The overall design is clean, with a dark background and white buttons, and selected languages are highlighted in purple.

Multiple languages

Communicate in 15 languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, and Vietnamese, with more on the way.

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Transform single words or short phrases into complete messages with ease and efficiency.

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The image is a representation of the Flexspeak app's functionality. It shows how users can select words to form sentences. At the top, there are two buttons: one labeled "eat" with an icon of a person eating, and another labeled "tamales" with an icon of tamales. Below these buttons, a speech bubble displays the generated sentence "I want to eat some tamales," with a blue audio waveform icon above it, indicating that this text can be spoken aloud. In the bottom left corner, there's a large blue button with a speaker icon, representing the option to play the generated sentence out loud. This visual demonstrates the app's predictive and speech capabilities.
An image of a user interface for a multilingual AAC application customization screen on a dark mode background. The screen displays options to add a 'Button' or 'Folder' at the top. Below, there are fields labeled 'Button message' with translations for a word across different languages. 'English' has the word 'guitar' with a speaker icon indicating audio output. Below, translations are provided with 'Tiếng Việt' as 'đàn guitar,' 'Español' as 'guitarra,' and Chinese characters for guitar. A 'Translate' button suggests functionality to convert text between languages. To the right, there's a section titled 'Graphic' with a blurred image of a person playing a guitar, and a button labeled 'Find a graphic,' indicating the option to associate an image with the text.

Robust capabilities,
simple design

Customize remotely in various languages, translate, and search for photos, all within a sleek and user-friendly interface.

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Community Feedback

"Doing wonderful work"

Flexspeak is really going in the right direction for my needs and is filling a hole in what’s available from the current AAC applications.

A headshot of Pheonix, white a college-age person with glasses smiling holding a rooster.
Full-Time AAC User

“Non-speaking communicators have a right to their heritage language”

Language exposure is needed for language production... Thank you to Flexspeak for investing in creating tools for multilingual families. Here’s to multilingual rights.

A Vietnamese woman with shoulder-length dark hair smiles brightly at the camera. She's wearing vibrant yellow clothing and unique, colorful lion-shaped earrings. The background is blurred, suggesting an outdoor setting with greenery.
Author, Speaker, & SLP

“Bilingual users & families will benefit"

I love how easy it is to switch between English and Spanish output. I can't wait to share this with parents who I know will benefit!

A Hispanic woman with brown curly hair smiling at the camera in front of a field of flowers.
SLP Assistant

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